This came to me as I was drafting these New Year 2021 insights:

Who am I question
What is real and what is not?
How can I look beyond the illusion
into the depths of the dark?

Who am I to mention
The darkness I have seen
Beyond the shadow of confusion
Into the great unseen?

How can I awaken
Others to the truth
To help them see through their eyes
The knowing of the heart?

When will people listen
To the sounds beyond the veil?
Where will our lives take us
If we live for truth and light?

Why won’t people awaken
With the call for humanity
To awaken from their slumber
And set our spirits free?

What is the Great Awakening?

Blessings to you for a Happy New Year 2021! If this is the year of the Great Awakening, what are we awakening to? It seems that many people are in the process of awakening to a new awareness, a greater understanding, and higher vibrational energy levels, with accompanying compassion, consideration, and peace of mind. Having lived through the year 2020 as the year of clear “2020” vision, think about all it has shown us. There are things we wish we hadn’t seen… yet were important facets to observe in the process of waking. Many people’s eyes were opened to an updated reality. We gained improved clarity of what was important to us, as we walked through suffering in many ways: COVID scares, illness, financial strain, isolation, external control, masks, vaccines, and political unrest.

Those who managed to break free from societal programming discovered a shocking level of mistrust for our governing elite. For years, people at the top used and abused our systems for their own self-serving goals without the average person’s awareness. As we question what we have been told, and delve deeper, we discover what is truly going on behind the scenes in our illusion of a safe and comfortable world. As we arise from the programmed beliefs that leaders and media sources have planted in our minds, we awaken from their induced hypnotic trance. When we hear things often enough, we believe them, even if they are untrue. The Atlantean God, Rae in the Chronicles of Hope book series said: “There are many people in need of hope today. They will believe the wrong message as well as the right message. You have to reach them first.”

Reach the People

How do we reach people? We have written newsletters, blogs, and posts, while sharing webinars and radio shows. All the while inviting people to look beyond the illusion and discover for themselves what is going on behind the scenes in our world. Sharing the message of hope in a time of chaos falls on many deaf ears. People must be opened to hear the truth, with a willingness to embrace change before they can begin to realize that things may not be as they seem. Observers must take action to look beneath the surface and risk having their foundation shattered.

I myself was asleep until these amazing Guides shook my belief systems and woke me up with a start. They alerted me that our world is at a tipping point and we need to wake up… to help her before it is too late. Being one who travels into the unseen world in my hypnosis-based clearing work to rescue lost souls, I have witnessed many dark ones who were in need of help, as well as lost ones who simply could not see the light. Once shown the way, these lost souls welcome the invitation to be guided into the light by loved ones or Wise Guides of the Collective.

Delving into the Darkness

Four years ago, was the first time I witnessed the darkness pervading some of our government officials, and was shocked to see the depth of such evil. At the time, there was one individual that stood out who was different than the others in our political system. This courageous person was shrouded in radiant light. This one was willing to sacrifice all he had to lead people back to the truth. I saw this vision with my own eyes; yet kept to myself as a quiet observer.

Through this past year of delving into the darkness to assist others, my vision was expanded. I observed things that were usually only written in scary movies and gruesome novels, stories I usually avoid. As I discovered unconscionable and irreprehensible things that people have done to others in order to achieve their own personal power, I have awakened to a new awareness of the deception humanity has been dealing with for generations. Volumes of people have left their own countries to escape slavery and persecution, traveling for safety to America, the land of the free. What I have been shown is that these very people are unknowingly about to have their freedom removed by the elite who seek to enslave others for their own power. This enslavement is happening right here in America before our very eyes. How can we tell people this? My Guides advised that my job is to invite people to wake up and think for themselves. People must investigate on their own. We are never to tell people what to think, just show them how to awaken from their trance and learn to question what is real vs. false. This is not about presidential personalities; it is about a war to save our country and the world from destruction. It is important that we wake up and do what we can to reclaim our land of the free. We must contribute our energy to help shift the negative energy and stabilize our planet.

Silver Linings

The silver lining in the dark clouds of potential doom is the wonderful connections made with treasured people who see, feel, and know similar truths. Through this time of intense duress, we have held a high level of hope that good will absolutely win against the dark forces of evil. We have learned to help each other keep our vibrational energy uplifted and strong. As lightworkers, we feel the growth throughout the past year and realize we are never alone. We know with certainty that we are here at this specific time in history for a reason… to assist in the ascension process of others and contribute our light for the great awakening of humanity. Many people have glimpses into memories of being here in similar critical times: Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Jerusalem, and Nazi Germany. We are gathering again at this historic time to join forces to eradicate the dark ones once and for all eternity. Our goal is to come together as one in humanity to usher in a time of peace on Earth.

We are available to help those who have been asleep to gently awaken from their slumber of denial. Many will be shocked to see the ugly truth of those who once had been admired and respected. The process of awakening may be overwhelming to some. Though there will be great shocks and surprises, please know in your hearts that all is going to be fine. We ask that you discern for yourself what is truth. Look beyond the illusion of what we have been taught to believe. Turn off the deliberate deception from mainstream media and look for honest sources of news such as One America News, Epoch Times, or other uncensored news on avenues like BitChute. Notice who is coming from the heart, those who are doing good for others, and support them on this important mission to save our country. The good people are going to win this war, and we will ultimately come together as one in this year of great awakening.

The information shared by the Wise Guides in the Chronicles of Hope books rocked my world and changed my life forever. It continues to impact the lives of others who read their insights as they provide important guidelines to bring peace in your hearts and minds. Humanity needs a critical mass of people to wake up, now more than ever. Spiritual empowerment or enlightenment is a unique path that each individual travels. When ready to explore your own path and expand your awareness, we can help you to shift your energy to sustain a positive life. We invite others of like mind to join our Inspiring Hope Community discussions at the website. Together, our mission is to shift humanity’s energy to the positive, one person, one community, one country at a time.

Jesus tells us: “Love each other, it is just a simple matter of compassion.” Thank you for helping us to share compassion and peace with each other in this time of great awakening. When we shine the light of love gently and consistently, it will serve to shift the darkness that has pervaded much of our society. Let us raise our energy with the attitude of gratitude for all that we hold dear. Join in sending love, light, and blessings to those who are championing our right to freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Blessings of Gratitude,
Lois Hermann

“The people who put the greatest good
for the greatest number ahead of themselves,
are the people you can trust.
There are a lot of them on Earth.
It’s what is in people’s hearts that defines their spirit,
not what comes out of their mouths.”

– Rae, Patron God of Atlantis
Chronicles of Hope: The Collective