Where Can You Find A Holiday Miracle?

Happy Holidays… Merry Christmas… Where do we find the holiday miracle this year? We often define miracles as unexplainable events that occur beyond our everyday sense of awareness. We look for miracles outside of ourselves as external influences that impact our lives in mysterious ways. In this sense, couldn’t we describe the 2020 COVID situation as a miracle? This life-changing dis-ease, whatever it was intended to be, brought our country and the world to its knees, literally and figuratively. Humanity has seen much in the way of sickness, fear, isolation, business shut-downs, financial strain, political unrest, deception exposure, and for many… a Great Awakening! Through this year of crazy uncertainty, many are waking up to observe the reality beyond the illusion we have been living in for generations. People are waking to see with their own eyes what is real and are amazed to discover things beyond their comprehension. Many are awakening to the miracle of the Christ-light within our hearts that shines the way for hope, peace, and love.

In truth, the miracle always comes from within. The awareness of simple everyday miracles allows us to tap into and connect more strongly with the unseen, all-knowing, and powerful energy of the positive. We have amazing Guides who stimulate our innate knowing, encourage us to trust our intuition, and inspire us to believe what is truly real. Many have come to know beyond a shadow of doubt who and what are real vs. false. We are awakening to see beyond the illusion that has had our eyes clouded for generations. Over time, others will slowly awaken to the truth and may go through a period of incredulous shock at what they discover when they open their eyes in this period of Great Awakening.

We are especially blessed at this moment in time with the celestial miracle of the Bethlehem Star that shines its bright light on us at this critical juncture in our evolution. Humanity is moving from the third dimension consciousness found in the age of Pisces, where the little fish is eaten by the bigger fish that is eaten by the biggest fish. These big fish have been feeding on the little fish for centuries. We are now moving into the long-awaited Age of Aquarius that ushers in fifth-dimensional consciousness, the age of truth, exposing falsehoods, and celebrating integrity with peace for mankind. Many who have been on the awakened 5D journey can see beyond the illusion painted by our long-standing elite leaders who have been truly leading humans like lambs to the slaughter.

This bright star appearing at our winter solstice 2020 is a significant phenomenon that has been here only a few times before in recorded history. The last time Jupiter and Saturn were in conjunction, creating this bright star was around the year 1,200. This cosmic event shook humanity out of the Dark Ages, ushered in a new era of enlightenment, and stimulated the great Renaissance. Before that, this celestial event was known as the Bethlehem Star that the Magi followed when was Jesus was born 2,000 years ago. At that time there was much unrest in the world, similar to what we are experiencing now. Jesus came to awaken people to the truth. Yet became the sacrificial lamb, used by the elite as a symbol to control the people.

In a channeled session cited in Chronicles of Hope, The Collective, Jesus was disappointed in how people had twisted his messages to control others and was sad that so much death had been shed in his name. He warned us of the chaos we are experiencing on Earth, saying our world is at a tipping point right now. He expressed an urgency that we must follow our hearts, come from a place of compassion for others, and do what we know to be right. His timeless message of: “Do unto others as you should have done unto you” was intended as a secular message to be embraced by all of humanity. He said the phrase love one another is simply a matter of showing compassion. Jesus invited us to call on him for guidance. He said: “I am never far away; I am always in your hearts.” When we ask him to assist us in our everyday life, his spirit will always be there to help and guide.

This time of solstice symbolizes a return to the light of love and peace. In addition to the great star, we experienced a solar eclipse this month. On 12/14 this eclipse opened a portal to a new beginning, allowing a higher frequency energy to reach our planet. My dear friend and associate Kathleen Kubacki received this guided information from the Archangel Metatron, who was incarnated in biblical days as the prophet Enoch.

Archangel Metatron Transmission 12-16-2020 by Rev. Kathleen Kubacki

Archangel Metatron presented me with a Calla Lily when he entered my awareness during my meditation. When I looked it up afterward I was gobsmacked. Calla Lilies are trumpet-shaped symbols of purity, holiness, faithfulness as well as symbolic of rebirth, resurrection. In the meditation, Archangel Metatron said this:

“Now it is a time for us to support each other and not be looking for someone to save us. A true leader encourages and enables you to empower yourself by helping you discover the tools, inner and outer, to save yourself.

People need to venture away from technologies that can be manipulated for answers to questions that are more accurately answered by going within. Do you honestly think you were created in an incomplete manner? You need to venture away from the purveyors of problems for every solution. Solutions for problems you only think you have because they convinced you of that. You have the solutions. You likely do not have the contrived problems, however. Stop giving away your power of choice.

Go toward those people who resonate with love and peacefulness – they are your tribe. It’s about remembering you are eternal. Your immortal soul is not a commodity to be traded. It is your connection to an awareness so expanded, so vast, that it makes the internet- the web look like a toy telephone. Your connection is within- in your heart. Your very sacred heart.”

Thank you, Kathy. You are indeed a treasure to many on this journey of awakening.

As we awaken to the awareness that good and evil have been raging around us for eons, let us come together at this time of transition in simple harmony, compassion, and respect. We do not always know the real truth beneath the surface and should come from a place of asking what might be. When we claim to know everything, we are unable to learn more. As we open ourselves this holy season to the awareness that there could be more than we ever imagined, both dark and light, then we become open to new growth, new beginnings, and new adventures of embracing peace. Let us hold the light of trust in our hearts that the light is winning the battle and truth will shine softly for all to see. May the light of peace hold you in the grace of love this season, and may you celebrate the everyday miracles that are hidden in the mystery.

Blessings to You This Holy Season of Miracles,
Lois Hermann

“Remember, I am never far away,
I am always in your hearts.”
– Jesus
Chronicles of Hope: The Collective

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