Look Beyond the Illusion

Four years ago, I was given a wake-up call… I was introduced to a group of high-level spirits who asked me to help save humanity… before it is too late. At first, I was shocked and then started to investigate… to look beyond the illusion… to seek the truth. I was doing my normal spiritual-based hypnosis sessions when I received a request from high-level spiritual beings to help save the world from imminent destruction. These Wise Beings channeled information through an amazing client, saying humanity was headed toward the next great apocalypse… that if we did not do something to change our ways now… the world as we know it will come to an end. They were insistent that we may not have much time left. Little did I realize this change would be upon us so quickly.

After two years of discovery sessions, in 2019, we worked diligently to publish the first book in the series introducing the Anquietas, incredibly wise beings that are close to what we might refer to as God. In Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas, we were given insight into the history of humanity and how negative energy affects our lives on a regular basis. In August of this year, we published the second book, Chronicles of Hope: The Collective, a book that introduces amazing beings who work closely with us on a regular basis, giving specific answers as to what we need to do to shift the negative from our world and embrace the positive for future generations.

This Collective of Wise Beings gave us guidelines for living a positive life to embrace change and bring our world to a state of peace. It is interesting how timely these messages are… especially right now. Rae, the God of Atlantis expressed concern that the deception, lack of integrity, and greed exhibited by members of our society will be civilization’s downfall. He said we must be respectful of each other and the land we live on. We must encourage truth, honesty, and integrity… that ethics and morality are the signs of a healthy society and our society needs to pay attention.

Jesus came to remind us of the wisdom he shared 2,000 years ago… simple messages that have been changed or lost through time. He spoke of loving one another as brothers and sisters, that we must be kind and show compassion. He also said there are more good people than bad, that the voices of the negative are louder. We need to listen for and shine the light on the good people. His message was the inspiration for the radio show Inspiring Hope with Lois Hermann.

The Goddess Aurora said there are many who hate without even knowing why. She tells us to walk away from those who are so focused on anger, spread hate, and incite fear. There are leaders who are intent on inciting their followers to cause destruction and damage. They are being controlled and fed by low-level energy. These destructive ones must be avoided and be encouraged to stop their detrimental actions. We should walk away from all negativity, pay attention to what is truth in our hearts, and shine the light of love to embrace a world of peace, harmony, forgiveness, and wisdom.

Archangel Samael tells us to use our own discernment, investigate for ourselves what is truth, and use our own minds to decide what to believe. He reminds us that over history there have been many leaders who incited fear and fueled people’s anger. They created power for themselves by channeling the unfocused hatred of the people who become their followers. Many innocent people’s lives were destroyed as a result. Truth is found in the actions of people. Listen beyond what they say, look to their deeds, and read about what they have really done. Actions speak louder than words… actions speak the truth.

The Energy of the Universe tells us that we are all one people and need to come together in empathy, understanding, and connection. We must learn to trust others of like mind… with discernment. It is separation and division which causes hate. The separation we are feeling as a result of the pandemic is causing increased dissension, disturbance, and distrust between people. When we recognize that we are all one being, with truly the same human needs, we can unite as one in peace and harmony. Through appreciation and gratitude, we have the ability to embrace a wonderful world of peace and unity for all.

Mother Gaia, Mother Nature said to be respectful of each other and of her. We must cultivate mindfulness, conscientiousness, and stewardship for this planet and for all creatures who live on her. Those who are doing so much destruction must be stopped. We must take steps to take good care of this beautiful planet that we are guests on. Gaia says she can heal herself if we only let her. We must rise up and choose to stop the destruction.

Remember there are wolves in sheep’s clothing who are sly and masterful at deception. Notice discrepancies, inconsistencies, the need for greed, and attempts to control. Send positive energy to those who are working to bring hope to our wonderful country to keep them uplifted and strong. It is time to open our eyes and ears, our hearts and minds… to ascend to higher levels of awareness, to wake up and think for ourselves. As we let go of old programmed beliefs and awaken to what is clear and hopeful, ask for and watch for signs from above to guide us. We must wake up to a higher level of consciousness and take responsibility for protecting our world from hate, anger, and greed before it is too late.

If you are interested in learning more, the empowering messages of the Collective can be found in the Chronicles of Hope books on Amazon or at our website: ChroniclesofHope.net. These books are thought-provoking resources to help you question what you have been trained to believe. The Collective shares ways to help your mind stay positive and your thoughts uplifted. You may also find many uplifting videos on my Lois Hermann YouTube channel that are based on the messages from this Collective of unseen helpers. Together with Team Hope, we are helping to shift humanity’s negative energy. Help us spread the word as catalysts for positive change. We must shift the energy of our world now… before it is too late.

For more insights on what is truth in our world, join our Inspiring Hope Community meeting on Thursday, October 22 at 1:00 PM or 7:00 PM (ET). In these meetings, we support each other as we dig deeper into the truth of our world and awaken to who we are. Together, we will make a difference for each other and society. Our intention is to bring you positive ways to lift your energy, helping you survive and thrive through this time of challenge and change.

Many Blessings for a Healthy, Hopeful, and Harmonious Autumn Season,

Lois Hermann

“People need to choose a path that promotes harmony
as opposed to a path that promotes conflict.”
– Rae, God of Atlantis
Chronicles of Hope: The Collective