Actions speak louder than words.

Autumn is embracing us here in New England… Mother Nature is showing us her truth. Trees are revealing their true colors… leaves are glowing with golden hues, brilliant reds are popping, and crisp oranges are making way. It is a time of change, cooler nights and brisk breezes, pumpkins and warm fires aglow, of preparation and shifting energies.

I love the fall season and celebrate the change that Gaia brings. She lets us know that we must get ready for the winter that will follow. While we prepare for and embrace change, we bask in the majestic beauty of this present moment of now. Mother Nature is also sharing some of her extremes. From the drought we are experiencing in the North East, to the hurricanes in the south, and the fires out west… these intense conditions are causing much stress and anxiety. Couple these catastrophes with the uncertainty and national chaos relating to one of the most important political crises in our day and we have a recipe for intense concern.

How are you handling this time of change?

For the spiritual seekers, this heralds a time of great awakening, a spiritual ascension into purposeful discernment and honest discovery of what is the real truth. With all that is going on in the world around us, how are you handling this time of change? Instead of ruminating in fear, or hiding away in your own sanctuary, what are you doing to make a difference and maintain your peace of mind? Are you able to show up… to contribute positive energy with the awareness of honesty, truth, and integrity?

There is much goodness to be appreciated in our daily lives. Most of our homes are safe, we have friends to enjoy, even at a distance, and there are things we like to do, even our work can be fulfilling. Yet when we listen to the news, there is such negative energy, fear, and hate being shown from across the world that it is often difficult to keep our energy positive and doubly hard to discern what is truth.

Letting Go of Beliefs Cultivated Over Time

Is it easy to go about our lives, holding onto old thoughts and opinions that were formed many years ago… beliefs that were cultivated over time based on opinions we have heard from others without truly knowing where they come from? It takes courage to think differently. It takes a sense of curiosity to wonder about influential people’s beliefs… what are their true colors? What is beneath the facade that some individuals show to the world? What is the hidden truth that should be uncovered and exposed? Are there wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing?

It takes independent work to investigate what is truly happening in our world and discern truth from fiction. It takes looking beyond our personal biases that we have been programmed to believe. It takes courage to ask questions and re-evaluate our beliefs. Albert Einstein said blind authority to obedience is the greatest enemy of the truth. What is the truth in our world today?

As a hypnotist, I understand the power of the mind, how suggestions work, and especially how our minds can be programmed to believe certain things. Our belief systems were formed throughout life based on what we have been taught by those who may have an agenda or be misguided: friends, teachers, preachers, politicians, celebrities, and media personalities.

Parents often enforce their beliefs on their children. Belief patterns were passed down from their parents, which were based on situations in their day. These old belief systems have outgrown their original purpose… yet have been perpetuated because that is the way we have been trained and are expected to believe. These opinions were reinforced over and over again without our conscious awareness. We must wake up and decide to choose for ourselves what we intend to believe.

Gain Awareness of the Truth with Hypnosis

In the hypnosis world, my spiritual-based sessions are unique. I help people tap into the unseen world to gain awareness for themselves, to shift any negative energies, and uplift their thoughts with clarity to a state of serenity and peace of mind. I am the facilitator as the client discovers and discerns the truth for themselves. They are able to see how negative energies have the power to control our lives and lower our energy, which affects beliefs in ourselves and the world around us. There is a huge unseen world that influences our everyday lives. Once you are aware of it, the power of prayer becomes even more significant and the strength of discernment to cull out the negative is critical.

For more insights on what is truth in our world, join our Inspiring Hope Community meeting on October 8 at 1:00 PM or 7:00 (ET). In these meetings, we support each other as we dig deeper into the truth of our world and awaken to who we are. Together, we will make a difference for each other and society. My intention is to bring you positive ways to lift your energy, helping you survive and thrive through this time of challenge and change.

Many Blessings for a Hopeful, Healthy, and Truthful Autumn,

Lois Hermann

“Civilization has forgotten that all humans are humans.
You are all one species.
That fact that you grew up in a different place
and your ancestors came from a different continent,
does not make you any less related.”

– Archangel Samael
Chronicles of Hope: The Collective