I’m busy grooming gardens and clearing the clutter at home to make way for a new life of doing global hypnosis sessions from home. I am very excited to announce my sessions are now completely virtual and clients are loving them!

Read some client comments here:

“I was going through some changes in my life, having recently retired, and was looking for help with the next chapter of my life. I always thought hypnosis was something to look into and was given your name by a mutual friend. I read Chronicles of Hope and was very intrigued by your work. I felt that I had much to gain from working with you.

As a result of our sessions, I definitely have more openness toward accepting what is coming my way, more energy, am more focused, and more empowered to be in control of my future. I also feel more in tune with Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and know my vibrational energy level is enhanced. I can see myself going even higher in the future.

I have nothing but words of gratitude and appreciation for your process, how you manage the sessions, and how you interact with clients. As far as the virtual Zoom sessions, to me the most important part of the session was to be comfortable. If I had been there in person, there may have been a level of intimidation. With the virtual sessions, I was in my own cocoon, my safe place in my home, and can relax into where I need to go without worry about being uncomfortable in a different location. This is far better for me than it would be in another location.

You do have to be ready for this type of work as it is about self-love and self-promotion as you work toward the refinement of your own spirit, your soul. If you are ready to take the next step, Lois is a top-notch A#1 professional, consummate healer, and spiritual advisor. It has been so wonderful feeling her presence guiding me forward in these sessions as I am guided toward my next chapter in life. I give these sessions 5 stars, 4 thumbs up, and all-around just a wonderful experience. I couldn’t be happier!”

– Doug C., Retired Plumber / Business Owner
Danvers, MA

“I felt dissatisfied in my life but knew there was no good reason for feeling so unhappy. I needed to feel better, and be better, and know it is a process of change. At first I didn’t see where the sessions were going. Yet, as I got better at releasing old thoughts and visualizing goals, it helped to achieve them because visualization is key. I have learned to take a minute to stop and reflect before reacting, which makes all the difference in my interactions with others.

I totally LOVE the zoom process for the sessions. It really works for me because I can relax in my bed without stressing over getting somewhere on time. This works great for me, and I highly recommend these sessions to others.”

– Kristen P., Registered Nurse
Winchendon, MA

If you are ready to embrace positive change, schedule a private session from anywhere in the world at www.LoisHermann.com/contact or call 844-777-7812. I look forward to helping you achieve success.

Many Blessings for a Happy, Healthy, and Hopeful Summer,

Lois Hermann