Weed, Transplant, and Tend Your Mind to Thrive

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend? Did you say a prayer of gratitude for those who lost their lives for our freedom? Honoring the past is important, and understanding how to do things differently is more important still. I spent time in my gardens honoring Mother Nature for all she has done and continues to do for us. These past years, I have been so busy writing books that I have let my gardens get overgrown and out of control. I dug up and divided plants that were thriving on their own and transplanted ones that were struggling.
I found myself making an analogy between tending my unruly gardens to what is happening with the lack of control in our world today. Many people are upset by their lives being turned upside down in these times. I liken today’s fear-based mindset to weeds growing wildly in the garden of our minds. Sometimes we need to pull those weeds of negativity that are chocking our positive thoughts and blocking choices that bring new growth. As we remove the old deadwood that holds us back, till the soil for different opportunities, and transplant ourselves to healthier spaces, we enjoy the potential for a healthier, happier today, which leads to a bright future. Be sure to water, nurture, and shine the light of hope on your new direction to create the future of your dreams.
My business itself is undergoing a transformation. For me, the coronavirus shutdown has caused me to look at what has been overgrown in the garden of my life, what is flourishing, and what needs to be transplanted. It gave me the time to complete the second book in the series, Chronicles of Hope – The Collective – Book 2, and I am now able to launch it with great intention and focus. Being released on 8/8/2020, this book brings timely messages that are deeply relevant to what is happening during this COVID-19 situation. We hear ageless wisdom from an ancient God, a beloved prophet, a little-known Goddess, a misunderstood Archangel, the expansive Spirit of the Universe, and the Spirit of the Earth, our Mother Gaia. I can’t wait to share it!
Clients are embracing Zoom for online sessions. It is much easier than fighting traffic, looking for a place to park, hurrying into my office, and sitting in a chair to immediately relax. With the online sessions, all you need to do is login and relax from the comfort of your own space. There is an increased sense of peace as you can take time to integrate insights received from the session at a more relaxed pace.
For the first time since I started working at a young age, I have really enjoyed my home life. As a single mother, I had the sole responsibility to support myself and my children. I have long had a strong work ethic with very little downtime. Forced to work from home these past months, this reset has caused me to look at my life in a whole new way. And… I am really enjoying it. I can now settle into gently allowing myself to assist others in a more relaxed and balanced way. This allows me to take better care of myself, my home, and my gardens. So, I will continue helping clients via Zoom sessions from my home office as I share ways to inspire others with messages I have been blessed to receive.
What new awareness have you discovered from this time fo shutdown? Have you delved into deep introspection? Are you ready for a change? If you need some assistance discovering your next path of life, I am happy to help you find your journey for this next phase of life. Schedule a session at www.LoisHermann.com/contact.
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Many Blessings for a Happy, Hopeful, and Healthy Summer,

Lois Hermann

“You have been granted audiences with the oldest spirits within me. 
Listen to those words and pass them on. Take them into your own heart 
and try to get others to do the same.”
– Spirit of the Universe, Chronicles of Hope – The Collective – Book 2


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