May Day Brings Flowers, Dancing, and Celebration

It is May Day and I am about to dance around the May Pole in Celebration! It has been a long, intense 5 months of non-stop writing, editing, reviewing, and decision making. l can completely relate to compulsive behavior. I have been guided by my muses to awaken from 3 – 5 am every morning to capture my thoughts, ideas, emotions, and explanations to create Chronicles of Hope – The Collective – Book 2. She is off to the publisher today and I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

This book brings timely messages that are deeply relevant to what is happing with humanity during this COVID-19 situation. This knowing has been the internal driver for my compulsion to complete this for you. We are living in a challenging time that affects each of us in different ways. Some are frustrated at being at home, others are overworked, many are fearful of exposure, more are worried about the loss of income or their business. So many fears, so many worries, what will come of our lives, our country, our world?

The world as we know it has indeed changed. We have embarked on a new way of living that will reset our lives to a new normal. Even when we return to the old way, things will be different. There will be many whose lives, and livelihoods will have changed dramatically. Others will have residual emotional challenges. Some will emerge in a better place, having made life changes that are more balanced based on the reset from this shake-up.

What if you had some guidelines to navigate this change? We have been given messages by the Collective in Chronicle of Hope, Book 2 to live our lives with the coming of a new age, a new era. Here is a sample:

Preface Excerpt from Chronicles of Hope – The Collective:

Most interestingly, the coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic took over this world in early 2020. Writing this book, I observed the fear that pervaded our lives, and affected our wellbeing on multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional, and financial. With the extended period of confinement, the world as we knew it came to an abrupt halt. How individuals respond to and emerge from this impactful change determines their fate. Will we see it as devastating and fall into the abyss of despair? Or, will we acknowledge the silver lining in this worldwide crisis as an opportunity for much needed positive change that may ultimately save humanity and our beloved planet?

This timely compilation of wisdom from the Collective is designed to teach each of us how to shift our energy to be more positive, starting with ourselves. It is intended to bring hope in these uncertain times, giving us important information and specific instructions. Think of humanity as one collective organism, one being, made of many individuals on this planet we call home. This living planet, our Mother Earth, has a spirit known as Gaia. Currently, it’s as if a cancer of negativity has infected humanity. As this negative energy spreads, it eats away at healthy lives and erodes the vital flesh of our precious Earth. What if we could neutralize this insidious disease and establish a strong, healthy civilization based on positive energy, respect, and hope? Can we create a paradise on this beautiful planet that is home to so many amazing creatures? It will take effort. Don’t you think it is worth it to have a thriving civilization for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren?

The intention of the Chronicles of Hope series is to share sacred messages that were given to assist humanity to shift their negativity. As we evolve to a more enlightened way of relating to each other, we create a civilization based on respect, willingness, and hope for ourselves and our future. Please welcome this information into your minds and take it into your hearts as an offer of hope for everyone on Earth. You are harkened to embark on a mesmerizing journey that will cause you to pause, to reflect, and to change the way you embrace life and others around you. Chronicles of Hope invites you to assist in the mission to save our precious planet and the life that lives in, on, and around her.


It has been an intense journey working to deliver these insights and there is much more to come. Look for Chronicles of Hope – The Collective – Book 2 to be released this summer! Please help share the messages with the world as we offer them in a myriad of forms. We are even also offering the Inspiring Hope Show live on YouTube to share with a broader audience. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Hypnosis via Zoom

During this time, many changes are happening, and people need destressing more than ever. I have been doing hypnosis sessions via the online Zoom format and clients are really enjoying them. People find it comforting that there is no stress at having to get somewhere, find a parking place, or try to relax in a strange place. What they say is you can relax and recline in the comfort of your own safe place at home, in your car, or even the tack-room of your stable. Schedule a session online at Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for dozens of inspiring videos. I am here to help you through this challenging time.

 Many Blessings for a Happy, Hopeful, and Healthy May,

Lois Hermann