There is always calm at the end of the storm

Welcome to spring, everyone! What a wonderful time of year it is when the sun is shining more hours in the day, the weather is warming (for the most part), and birds are busily making their nests. Yet, in this spring of 2020, most humans are dealing with incredible amounts of stress. The chaos around us is very real amidst the intense emotional trauma of this great coronavirus pandemic. Some of us have survived extreme trauma in the past. Others have only watched it in movies or through video games. This time of global trauma is very real. This microscopic bug has stopped us in our tracks and given us reason to pause, to take notice, to slow down, to wake up.

PLEASE STOP! Right now, pause with me for just a moment, and take a breath. Put down what you are doing at this minute, take a gentle breath deep into your belly, hold it for a few seconds and as you exhale… relax. Inhale peace deep into your belly and exhale relaxation. Relax your shoulders, your neck, your jaw, and your face. Take a moment any time you start to feel stressed and just breathe. Notice the muscle in your body that is the most tensed, breathe into it, and pay attention. Ask your body what it needs for you to do, and if you quietly listen, it will tell you. Take a moment to tap into your inner wisdom while you invite your imagination to take you to your favorite place in nature. It could be the beach with gently rolling waves, the mountains with amazing vistas of green, or a summer garden filled with glorious flowers in bloom. Notice how simple it is for you to calm your mind and relax your body. Thank you for taking that moment.

This virus is giving us a wakeup call. We are at a crossroads. The actions we take now in how we handle this crisis will affect our future. It is necessary to shift the enormous amount of fear and negativity in today’s world to a more positive state of awareness and being. People are experiencing this time of intense stress in different ways. Some are frustrated at being sequestered at home; others are worried about finances; many are working the front lines and are exhausted. Almost everyone is listening to the doom and gloom of the media which is causing too much fear. There is much stress that is taxing to our systems, and in this time of social distancing where we can’t recharge with a hug, we need to do some virtual hugging and nurturing to keep our energy positive and our thoughts uplifted.

The worst thing we can do is ignore the stress. The best thing we can do is to reach out. Counselors are available online for people. Reach out to your spiritual advisor, even though places of worship might be closed—they will be happy to speak with you. As a hypnotist, I am offering online Zoom sessions to help clients shift fears and habits to be more positive and productive. Schedule a session easily on the contact page of my website: While you are at my website, read some blogs or click over to my YouTube channel for dozens of inspiring videos. I am here to help you through this challenging time.

Even though we feel this is never going to end, it is. We will get through this. If we take the time to replenish ourselves, we will emerge stronger, wiser, and more focused on what is good in our lives. Right now, we must put the oxygen mask on ourselves and take a moment to focus on the positive in our world. We must take a break from the negative news and media which are destructive to our mind, body, and spirit. When we are out of balance, our body will react by being more vulnerable to sickness of any kind, especially this nasty virus.

There are many ways to regain your balance—some work better than others. We are all different, with a variety of stress challenges, so experiment with various activities or practices to find what works best. Pick what works for YOU and do it. Then, make a commitment to schedule time for yourself during this crazy period so that you can keep your mind focused on what is most important and your body healthy and strong.

 Simple Stress-Busting Recipes: 

  1. Meditate: Take some time to quiet your mind and relax your body each day.
  2. Online Inspiration: Look for positive articles and videos to refresh your mind (for example, on YouTube).
  3. Go For a Walk: Take time to explore nature. It’s good for your breathing and peace.
  4. Eat Healthy: Cook healthy meals to keep your immune system strong.
  5. Supplements: Take C for health, B for energy, and D when sun exposure is limited.
  6. Dance: Turn on the music and dance around the house. Get everyone involved.
  7. Pet therapy: Let your animals share their unconditional love. Adopt or foster a new pet.
  8. Stretch Your Body: Move your shoulders, neck, and back if you are sitting too long.
  9. Massage: Give each other a neck or foot massage to release the kinks.
  10. Reiki: Treat yourself to distance Reiki—call a practitioner to send positive energy.
  11. Confide: Talk with a trusted friend, counselor, spiritual advisor, or hypnotist to calm your stress.
  12. Smile: Find something creative that gives you joy and DO it. Look UP and smile.

Pick one or two or more of the above things and DO them. Take this time to “sharpen your saw,” to enhance your own physical and mental energy, so that you will be sharp when this is over, and it will be over one day. Remember the old saying, “When fishermen can’t go to sea, they mend their nets.” Take the initiative to mend your house, your gardens, your files, or yourself while you have the time, and notice what it feels like to slow down momentarily and enjoy yourself.

 Many Blessings for a Hopeful and Healthy Spring,

Lois Hermann

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. 


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