What You Aren’t Hearing About Coronavirus

The coronavirus (Covid-19) seems to be all we are hearing about on the news, and it sounds and looks very scary. Don’t you agree? Did you know that this virus has actually been around a long time? If you look on an old bottle of a disinfecting agent, you might find it listed as a virus the disinfectant kills. The major problem with being bombarded with the scare of coronavirus (and other unsettling) news is that our stress levels increase, which subsequently taxes our immune system. This is the exact opposite of what we want to happen during flu, cold, and virus season.

The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism that keeps us protected and safe from viruses and other toxins which the body unknowingly encounters. When this defense system is weakened, our body’s ability to fight infection and other invaders is compromised. Ironically, as we add the worry of coronavirus to our already extensive “worry list,” we increase our chances of getting sick.

Therefore, during particularly stressful times, it’s important to be extra aware of building up our immune system to combat the ill effects of stress on our body. Let’s face it, times are stressful. As a medical professional, I understand the importance of thorough hand-washing, which is a must to prevent any virus from entering the body if we come in contact with it. However, I believe we are overlooking an important point. A great way to fight off any virus is with a good kind of contagious: the power of a positive mindset.

There are many studies that link a positive attitude to better long-term health, and certainly, positivity is not the first line of defense when we think of coronavirus. As a Board Certified Hypnotist working with clients’ subconscious minds on a daily basis, I see the unmistakable effects that positivity has on overall health. Washing our minds of negativity and fear may be just as important as washing our hands.

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