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Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas
Lois Hermann
Peter E. Randall Publisher LLC
ISBN Audio Book: 9780997156744, $TBA
ISBN Softcover: 9780997156720, $18.88, 217pp
ISBN E-book: 9780997156737, $8.88,

If one is compelled by personality or inclination to view Lois Hermann’s book Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas, Book 1 (written in cooperation with Gary Scott, her client) as a metaphorical treatment of psychological health, so be it. That reader will still gain some insight and guidance for processing his/her personal psychological energy. But a true believer, one who accepts our co-existence as both human and transcendent, with access to even greater knowledge and revelation by way of even higher transcendent beings – in this case through channeled sessions prompted within deep hypnosis – such a reader will find the material in this book permeating their awareness, thereby leading them toward increasing positivity and health.

In The Anquietas, a Greek name denoting “the ancient ones”, Lois Hermann relates the highest wisdom shared by a collective group of transcendent beings concerned with the current state of humanity, our impact on the Earth, and more profoundly upon Gaia, Earth’s spiritual identity. In the honored tradition of the Seth material, published decades ago, this current material concentrates on and emphasizes the free-will capacity of humans to direct our own destinies, but also on the fact that we create our own realities, and we are therefore responsible and accountable for all our fateful actions. Anticipating a looming crisis with unforetold results, the Anquietas remind us through their admonitions to first cleanse ourselves of excessively negative energetics in order to regain a necessary balance with positivity, and then to determine our own future from this more stable place. With the help of Lois Hermann and Gary Scott, they also suggest some practical ways to do this.

Joel R. Dennstedt, Reviewer

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