Chronicles of Hope has touched many people on its incredible 2½ year journey to completion. Many joined us for the successful Chronicles of Hope book pre-launch event on July 18 with stories of how they have been affected by the messages contained within. Thank you to all who attended and contributed to the supercharged evening. Check out the photos at our Gallery. If you were unable to attend, Chronicles of Hope is officially being released on August 8, 2019. You may purchase your copy at

Several dear friends contributed their gifts, skills, and talents to assist in the creation of this important project. Among the members of Team Hope, skilled editors stepped up to guide the book along the twists and turns of its journey. Lizzie Fleenor, the talented editor of a major medical magazine, offered her expertise to finesse the work and carry the project across the finish line. Lizzie blesses us today with her meaningful story below.

by Lizzie Fleenor

The Hunt Memorial Library rose in front of me. Gothic Revival by design, it sat on its 116-Hunt Memorial Buildingyear-old haunches, resting on a sloping hill that curved with Main Street in Nashua, New Hampshire. A three-story square clock tower loomed blocking the light of the sun. Built in 1903, its open atrium, reception room, and parlor would serve as the Chronicles of Hope – The Anquietas, Book 1 book launch on July 18, 2019. Wandering through its hallowed hallways and marveling at the building’s very bones, I inhaled the rich scent of bygone leather-bound books, wood, and sunlight filtering through the 12-foot windows.

That evening, the clock tower took me back in time. Six full moons ago, on February 19, I had accepted the charge as editor for Chronicles of Hope from the author, Lois Hermann, and claimed a billet on Team Hope. Entrusted to me, the assignment sprang from a relationship with my hypnotist/physical therapist, also a member of Team Hope, who knew I had the skillset, and more importantly, the mindset, to edit the book for content, readability, style, and grammar. Mindset because the book describes verbatim 11 hypnosis sessions between Lois, as hypnotist, and her client, and the messages that were delivered into Lois’s hands. Fascinated by the power of the mind, I was enthusiastic to delve into the book, become intimate with its design, and perhaps divine its secrets.

I toted the pink three-ring binder that housed the manuscript everywhere, as nary a spare moment escaped when I wasn’t diving into its 222 double-spaced pages. My three rescue kitties, especially Squeezer (aptly named as she emits cute, little noises when picked up and squeezed), were insanely attracted to the binder and its vibrating contents and energies. I would sit in my great-grandfather’s rocker or out on the deck with a cup of coffee, flipping through pages of edits, when Squeezer, and her feline compatriots, Tootsie and Mister Mouse, would join her by sitting on the book and rubbing invisible pheromones, mutually exchanging ethereal frequencies with the higher spirits and the messages beaming from Chronicles of Hope.

Another full moon waxed and waned. My art of proofreading and wordsmithing came easily as I am reader, writer, and editor by passion and trade. Reading and literally absorbing the book’s contents and main message—a message of hope—opened up the universe, transforming me during the second read when I put down my red pen, and picked up my pencil to mark the passages that resonated inside me. As I gained more insight into my personal self and spirit, I realized how we are all connected by spirit, and can grow or narrow according to our vibrational energy and belief.

The overarching lesson and message of Chronicles of Hope—raising positive vibrations (hope) and releasing negative energies—while in belief, was enough for my creative and magical spirit to accept, yet it butts heads with my practical and logical Capricorn essence, which steered me to apply those lessons in my everyday life. When I think of positive and negative energies, I visualize not a periodic chart, but instead emotions and feelings.

I was deep into the fourth reading of the manuscript when the energies transfigured into lessons and transformed me. The negative and positive energies of grudge and forgiveness, greed and gift, pain and healing, and the most powerful, loss and love, coalesced within me, affecting by virtue of a dream, the forgiveness of a 40-year-old grudge. It was with an incredible sense of lightness that I was brought to that resolution.

Liz and LoisAs the third full moon held sway over Gaia (Mother Earth), I attended the Heartland Hypnosis Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, as Lois was presenting on spiritual energy clearing. We would meet in person for the first time, and I was excited to review the page proofs of the Advanced Reader Copy, our collective hammers, anvils, and pencil lead wordsmithing to clarify its hopeful message.

The finalized manuscript was sent to Peter E. Randall Publisher in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as the May full moon finally brought springtime to Missouri. Sitting back, there was nothing more I could do, but pass to those close to me the spark of enlightenment that had kindled my fire.

The fifth full moon began its ascension toward the Summer Solstice, and preparations for the audio book and the new “Inspiring Hope Community of Light,” a space to explore insights from Chronicles of Hope, were advancing. Deadlines in my professional life were met, new ones set in place, while over a thousand miles away, the wheels of another press imprinted, collated, and bound its precious message, ready to be revealed.

The clock tower in Nashua ticked closer to the book launch. Why count time in seconds when you can measure it by the light of moon? Maybe because I was born on Friday, January 7, 1966, with the light of that full moon illuminating a mother and child.

Looking up, I saw the sixth full moon, the cycle complete, climbing into the darkening sky illuminating the Hunt Memorial Building as it rose. I walked through the Gothic oaken double doors toward a message embedded between its rich maroon and gold leaf cover, calling out a spiritual harbinger of hope. As the space filled with bright, pulsating energy, expansive with vibration, I heard the voice of the Anquietas fill the library with its rich voice: wanting, believing, and knowing.

Blessings of Hope,

Lizzie Fleenor, Lois Hermann & Team Hope


Upcoming Events:

8/8 – Official Chronicles of Hope Book Launch at the National Guild of Hypnotists Conference in Marlborough, MA – Stop by the booth to chat. Attend Lois’s Inspiring Hope Presentation on Friday at 11:00 am.

8/15 – Inspiring Hope Community of Light starts at 7:00 pm. Join this online discussion group to follow the messages outlined in Chronicles of Hope. If you are interested in learning more and would like to receive personal insights from the author, join this community of like-minded people who strive to maintain our positive energy as we become catalysts for positive change.

8/15 – Early bird signup deadline for the Remote Spirit Release TrainingSave 20% – register now!

8/22 – Book Signing and Presentation at the Book Cellar in Nashua. 

9/6 – Remote Spirit Release Training starts. 
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Chronicles of Hope Book Pre-Launch Success

Team HopeOur book launch event was a HUGE success, thanks to the many hands and hearts that made it happen. I am ever grateful to those who attended and others who were there in spirit. The energy in the room was incredible! We are excited that so many were interested in the messages and look forward to continuing the journey with you on August 15 at the introduction of our Inspiring Hope Community of Light.

Check it out:

Many Blessings and Much Gratitude,

Lois Hermann