Passing the Torch…

History is written by the victors, the dominant conquerors, the opinionated survivors. Those affected by the conquest are subjected to the oppressive personalities of those appointed to take the place of the passing conqueror. The truth is modified to fit the needs of the dominant ones while the victims are subjected to further persecution as their stories die with time. The beauty of the “Me Too” movement was to allow victims to have their say, to support their need to express their reality. The sad part is their true message was lost to overbearing personalities, politics, and media hype.

The quiet ones must be encouraged to speak their truth with open acceptance for their experiences. Oppressive types must learn to listen with respect and honor for others’ opinions instead of shooting them down with their narrow-minded view of the world. Humanity must come to a place of acceptance for each other, to listen openly without the need to exert power and control. Everyone must be treated with equality. Truth should be told without embellishment or censorship. It is the whole story—the good and the bad—that must be captured, spoken and written in time. Otherwise, how do we learn?

The Ancient Ones (Chronicles of Hope) question why there is such a need for dominance and control among humans. They do not understand why there is so much strife among people, as they have none among themselves. They tell us that we need to learn to respect others’ opinions and gently agree to disagree. It is all about balance. We are one people with diversity to be celebrated based on each individual’s perception of reality, which is based on their unique personality and experiences of life. We are all one species, with individual personas developed by the product of our environment, genetics, subtle personalities, and family dynamics. Where does the need for power and control come from? When will there be open communication, cooperation, and collaboration among humanity? It must start at home.

We must make a habit to practice active listening, acceptance, and encouragement for everyone, especially those who have been oppressed or abused. It takes great courage for the meek to speak their truth. Their stories hold the lessons that will advance the world to peace. The quiet ones, the observers, the sensitives often hold a more complete vision based on their empathic appreciation for situations. They must be encouraged to speak their truth in order to gain a deeper insight that we may invite positive change. Yes, we must practice the art of forgiveness, as it is a valuable part of the healing equation. However, it is the celebration of truth, honesty, and integrity that shines the light, empowers change, and creates the miracle.

In this time of spring, rebirth, and renewal, open your hearts to listen for others’ truth and be there for those who need to share their story. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience many joys and sorrows in my life. The joys afforded me much positive anticipation and optimism. The painful sorrows have taught me to be completely present to others, and to allow clients to express themselves without censorship. I truly appreciate those who have been a safe haven for me, and I appreciate your trust in allowing me to be there for you. I thank you and I honor your journey toward wholeness.

Blessings of Hope,
Lois Hermann

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Abbey said…

I was really struggling with extreme stress and panic episodes, along with extended periods of sadness. I was having a hard time even leaving the house and would not consider driving on the highway.

After three years of not driving on the highway, I’m now driving on the highway. I am going out in public, I’m going to the grocery store. I’m comfortable leaving my house. I have become comfortable with who I am and enjoy exploring new adventures.

I don’t even have words to describe it. I would say the series of hypnosis sessions saved my life. The sessions and Reiki were amazing. I would definitely recommend this for other people.

– Abbey J. – Artist