Chronicles of Hope

Would you agree that our world is experiencing incredible magnitudes of destructive storms and natural disasters, intense levels of poverty and hunger, escalating violence and crime, upheavals in government and terrorism, public health issues, animal extinctions, and scandals of all types—sexual, corporate, political, and financial? Are you worried about our children’s future if something doesn’t change?

If you could help make a difference, would you? What would you do if asked to take on a mission to help save humanity from imminent destruction? If it was within your power, would you help? What if you found yourself conversing with those who could provide answers to help shift the world toward a more positive direction? What would you do?

I found myself just saying yes, and over the last two years, I have been on an incredible journey of hope. I’m looking forward to inviting you to join in this journey through my latest book, Chronicles of Hope. The first in a series, Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1, came to be while I was working with a hypnosis client, Gary Scott, on sleep issues. Suddenly, the hypnosis sessions took a surprising turn to conversations of hope for our world, our planet, and humanity. Changing the negative course of our troubled world will take an unprecedented effort and circumstances, don’t you agree?

We need something to change. and change is difficult for humans. We usually only drive change when our pain is deep, untenable, and unbearable. Is humanity reaching this point of pain? Or are we already there? Humans are experiencing fading hope; many have lost it altogether, others have simply stopped trying. Before hope falls into an irretrievable space, we need to look forward with focused intention and confidence, use our creativity to stimulate positive thought, and feel that what we create matters.

Over the course of numerous hypnosis sessions, a series of conversations were channeled through Gary with the Anquietas, who told me they were wise spiritual beings present since the beginning of time, and they want to help shift the state of the world back to the positive. These Ancient Ones were able to communicate through Gary to provide insight, wisdom, and advice on the topics of vibrational energy, clearing negative energy, spirituality, history, humanity, and hope for the future. These Ancient Ones shared their knowledge and advice with the ultimate aim of helping civilization and humanity. They gave specific, doable instructions on how we can all help to reverse today’s world crises across all levels—environmental, political, financial, social, mental, emotional, physical, and beyond.

They also provided valuable information to those who deal with clearing negative energy, which will be extremely helpful for empaths, energy workers, hypnotists, and spiritual-minded people to understand how to keep their energy strong, so they can do the important healing work they are called to do.

The sessions with Gary and the Anquietas were fascinating, and really the easiest part of this project. Understanding and transcribing their words from audio and video recordings as exactly as possible took a lot of time and attention to detail. We really endeavored to capture their words without any personal bias. It was challenging to share their words with neutrality yet decide how to explain their messages that others might better understand some of the unusual concepts that I work with on a regular basis. Along the way, they revealed answers to some of life’s great mysteries, unanswered (until now) scientific questions and historic mysteries, including the pyramids, the Big Bang, extraterrestrials, and the history of humanity.

Personally, it has been an incredible learning journey for me. As a Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor, it has proven to be powerfully insightful for me, my clients, and can be for you as well in your daily life. I have been amazed by how much I have grown in my own spirituality, and how much more succinct I am at helping my clients because of the teachings from these dear Ancient Ones.

Right now, my job is to champion this message, to teach, and to get their words out, so those who are on the positive path will be able to embrace these insights, to help them stay their course. The hope is that others will gain an understanding of these words and be able to accelerate their own knowing so they can help with this mission by manifesting their own mission of hope.

Chronicles of Hope, compiling the answers to help humanity, is being released on August 8, 2019. We look forward to bringing the messages to you. In the meantime, my heartfelt gratitude goes to an amazing team of individuals who came together to make this book a reality. It would never have been possible without the support, encouragement, and dedicated work of Team Hope. It is our hope that you embrace these insights from the Chronicles of Hope with open-minded curiosity and implore you to take on the task of incorporating these messages into your daily life.

Welcome to this monumental journey of hope for humanity.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann