Richard was kind enough to write what he called “A Tribute to Lois” for lifting spirits…

Our past creates us. We receive our set of “instructions” from all of the generations that have come and gone before us. That is our given. Our biology. Our immutable history.

Throughout our lives, through free will, cognition, and growth, we reshape who we are, who we think we are, and who we strive to become. We are who we are at this moment, and at this moment alone. We are not the same person we were yesterday, and tomorrow awaits. What we have is now.

Sometimes, along our way toward a sense of spiritual fulfillment and in our attempts to live mindfully in the present, our past becomes an obstacle and we get “stuck.” We need help in order to move forward. For me, I found that help in Lois Hermann and her spiritual guidance.

Through what Lois and I came to call “suggestive guided imagery,” I was better able to understand and value some of those people and loved ones in my life who came before me and helped shape my life over the years. Their spirits are with me as I journey through this life. 

Sometimes those spirits have gone and come back to be beside me, but sometimes their spirits have not yet been lifted up to what waits beyond. Working with Lois, I was able to find ways to let those spirits be lifted up, to let them not be grounded within me, and to allow them to be free. It was that freedom, that lifting up of their spirits that in turn lifted my spirit, allowing me to be free to be me, now.

The spirits are always welcome at any time as I continue my journey to live a life guided by my past and fulfilled in the present. The journey is never finished, just measured in time. But the spirits of my loved ones being with me is different now. We are all in a better place, unencumbered, separated by place and time, but together in spirit.

Yes, Lois, you have helped lift my spirits, as well as the spirits of those journeying with me, and we all thank you for your work and your expertise at what you do.  

Richard I. – IT Engineer

“I honor and thank you, Richard, for your gift of this letter.”