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We are experiencing tremendous growth, and through all of our amazing clients’ journeys over the years, we have learned so much! Last month I described the benefits of Mind, Body & Spirit Hypnosis and the important balance of all three aspects for positive, healthy living. We have redesigned our website to bring you more information on achieving true transformation through working on all levels of being—because as human beings, we are so much more than our mechanical bodies.

Please take a minute to browse our new website that has more information on hypnosis, success coaching, and energy clearing. And please share it with loved ones, friends, and others who we’d love to help while permeating positivity into and around the world. We’ll continue to add testimonials and amazing client stories of success, so check back often at

Success Stories

At times, we plan to feature a success story from one of our amazing clients (names are always changed to protect privacy). We hope you enjoy and feel uplifted by the stories that we share—and maybe you know someone in a similar situation whom we may be able to help.

Meet “Mary:”

I turned to hypnosis assistance for a way to relieve the extreme pain in my left leg. For seven years, I experienced extreme pain from a clot in my leg that had taken nine months to be diagnosed. I was told there would be permanent damage to my vein and there was nothing I could do about the pain.

Amazingly, after some preliminary sessions, it took only one hypnosis session to resolve the pain. I was very aware during the session, and it was a brief journey that took us to a conversation with the pain. We found there was a spirit attached to me that had died in a car accident with massive injuries to her legs. She came to be with me during one of my hospitalizations because she saw how caring my family was and she thought I was nice. Once the spirit was gently taken into the Light, the pain left with the spirit.

The next day, I went on a six-mile hike with no pain at all. I walk my dogs every day and have had no pain since the session—more than two years now. No flare-ups… nothing. The process was amazing. Very simple, very quick, and unexpected. I came to the process with no background whatsoever in hypnosis or therapy of any sort. It was very easy, very user-friendly. This experience was life-changing for me.

I recommend this type of hypnosis to anyone who has any health issues, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed. It’s worth exploring.

– Mary W. – Sales & Marketing

Thank you, Mary. We are pleased that you are doing so well, and blessed to be of assistance on your healing journey.

If you would like more information on Mind, Body & Spirit hypnosis, please give us a call at 884-777-7812 or schedule a session at 

We love what we do, and are blessed to be of assistance to you.

Blessings of Hope,

Lois Hermann & Associates, LLC


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I would like to acknowledge Jon DiPietro of Liberty Digital Marketing for his vision, dedication, and patience with this website project. It has been like birthing a baby these past many months, and he has tended the project with loving parental care. I respect his judgment, wisdom and technical expertise. and truly appreciate all that he has done for my business marketing. I highly recommend his service to anyone who wants to work with a respected professional in this industry.

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