The Power of Forgiveness

The power of 1,000 swords… Forgiveness. We have all dealt with people who carry a lot of drama and their associated trauma. These people drain our energy. Whether they knowingly or unknowingly dump their emotional garbage on kind souls who only seek to be of assistance, they cause a lot of pain. We cannot help someone who does not want to be helped. When we allow others to dump on us continually, we become depleted. In order to sustain our positive energy, we need to learn the power of healthy boundaries (which I wrote about last month— We also need to discover the power of forgiveness.

Many people struggle with negative emotions such as being sad, lonely, or angry. Often, they ruminate over past wrongs that others have done to them. They keep those old memories alive in their minds as if it were yesterday. Sometimes those hurts are from over 20 years ago, yet the past pains have taken such root in their mind that the resulting negative emotion overshadows everything in their world. They are allowing those past memories to still inflict pain, even though the person involved has long since moved on. It’s like chewing on an old piece of worn-out gum… it only hurts our jaw. When we decide to spit it out, we free ourselves of the pain. However, even though the toxic exposure is removed, it is not enough. We must heal the pain of the past in order to be happy in the present moment. We must release the painful memory… let it go… for-give it away.

If we stay stuck in the muck of the past, we will draw similar types of people and situations to us. Based on the Law of Attraction… like attracts like. We must clear the path to embrace new patterns, new people, and new opportunities. When we release toxic relationships, we make way for healthier, more positive relationships. However, if we only remove ourselves from the situation, we often draw similar situations or people into our lives to remind us that we still need to learn. In order to really heal ourselves and move on, we also need to develop the power of forgiveness. Once we forgive and truly let go of the energy these tragic people shared with us, can we maintain our positive energy and sustain life without the drama.

When we practice the power of forgiveness, we can let go of painful past thoughts and make way for new thoughts. Since our mind can only think of one thing at a time effectively, if we dwell on the woulda-shoulda-couldas associated with old memories, we keep our mind stuck. We need to forgive those who have hurt us in order to make way for those who can truly share in our joy. In order to clear the slate, to embrace the positive into our lives, we need to develop the ongoing practice of forgiveness.

How do we practice forgiveness? A Course In Miracles is a spiritual study that describes forgiveness differently than the common belief in letting people off the hook for their actions. It is about seeing them through the eyes of peace. Forgiveness is about giving away the memory of the action to let yourself off the hook… to put down the load of anger from your shoulders so that you no longer carry the heavy load. Forgiveness is for YOU… not them. Once we are able to see the person as wounded, calling for attention, acting from their own place of pain, can we see the situation for what it was… not about us at all… and then we can let it go. It is a spiritual practice that a wise teacher named Jesus shared with us many years ago. He lived a life of forgiveness and showed us how to practice it every day.

In the book Power vs. Force, David Hawkins describes forgiveness as a powerful positive energy that is very close to Love. When we practice forgiveness, we free ourselves and elevate our energy to a place of peace. We let go. When we keep ourselves stuck in the muck of anger, hate and vengeance, we lower our energy and create or draw similar types of energy to our lives. What do you choose?

It is not always easy to practice forgiveness. It takes patience, persistence and perseverance. Once we learn to release those negative emotions, we are free to surround ourselves with positive, sincere, and uplifting people. We can be blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people who make a real difference in the quality of our life.

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I am ever grateful for you.

Blessings of Hope,

Lois Hermann


Forgive people

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