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This New Year

Happy New Year 2018—a great time for new beginnings. This is the year of the master number 11 (2+1+8=11). It is a time when all things are possible. Make this a great year by investing in yourself: your time, your talent, your treasure, your planet, and your essence. How, you say? Here are a few tips:

  1. Make some time for yourself. In our busy lives, we often ignore our most precious gift… the gift of our health. Take time to eat at least a little healthier, drink more water, and move your body each day. Let go of the sugars. With the goody-rich holidays behind us, get rid of those sweets and choose some good crunchy veggies or a nice protein smoothie for breakfast instead. Since we are supposed to drink half of our body weight each day, try it, even for a week, and see how much better you feel. Find something you love to do and move that sedentary body—even for 10–15 minutes a day. Something is better than nothing!
  2. Discover your joy, your passion, your gifts and talents. Find what you love to do and DO IT! Whether it’s crafting, painting, singing, dancing, or writing, discover and develop your gifts and share your talents with others. It keeps us stimulated, engaged, and creative… which is one of the main reasons we are here. A few years ago, I spent the snowy winter writing Spirits of Amoskeag. This winter, I am collaborating with two others to complete the next book. Stay tuned… It may prove to be a real game-changer! What will you be doing?
  3. Develop healthy relationships… your greatest Surround yourself with people who are uplifting, inspiring, and supportive. Let go of continual contact with toxic people who drain your energy, sabotage your successes, and are extremely negative. If they’re open to advice, encourage them to find help. (Give them my card. They many need an energy clearing.) We are all one people on planet Earth, so let’s act as one family and strive to be understanding of each other. If we consider that everyone is doing the best they can according to their abilities, we should relinquish judgment, and practice restraint around those who are judgmental. Walk away. Without conflict, we can hope to discover peaceful connections with neighbors, family, and friends across the world.
  4. Care for our planet Earth—you only have one. Yes, there is life out there across the Universe, but planet Earth is our own ever-giving, all-powerful, bountiful Mother. Do what you can in your own way to care, support, and truly enjoy the beauty she provides (recycle, use less energy by lowering your thermostat, bike versus drive when you can, consider using solar energy, etc.). Going out into nature is one of the greatest stress-busters there is. Meditative walks (or visions in the cold of winter) along the seashore, lakeside, mountain or forest paths, or your own gardens are some of the best ways to shift our physiology, our mental outlook, and gain perspective.
  5. Be grateful and you will enhance your essence, your spiritual self. Whatever belief system you embrace, take time to thank your Creator, your God, your Gods, your Great Spirit, your Ancestors, your Wise Mind, your amazing Angels. We are never alone—we always have Wise Ones looking after our best interests. Ask for their assistance for self and for others They will comply… only when asked. Thank them in advance for all they do and offer for us. Wake each morning in gratitude for as many things you can think of. Drift off to a peaceful sleep appreciating all of the good things that happened that day.

At this time of new beginnings, when you spend your life in gratitude you will find yourself smiling more, your heart rate will lower, your health will improve, your relationships will be more sincere, and so many good things will multiply around you. Enjoy yourself this New Year… it is going to be blessed.

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Let’s continue to share gratitude, positive thoughts, energy, Reiki, and prayers to our wonderful Mother Earth, our family, friends, and to those around the planet who could use a boost. I am ever grateful for you.

Blessings of Hope,

Lois Hermann


Denise said

After my divorce I was stuck in destructive relationships, lacked confidence, and had extreme money worries. With hypnosis, I found myself. I gained the confidence to grow my business, explore new adventures, and feel financially safe. I even have a healthy, wonderful new relationship.

I highly recommend Lois’s sessions to others. Her regular tune-ups are a part of my health routine. I would never be without them.

Denise M – Entrepreneur

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