What Does It Matter?

When the weary travelers journeyed across the ocean and struggled to create a season of plenty, the Native American people generously shared both their food as well as their tradition of giving thanks with these new settlers. Our first Americans knew the power of giving thanks… of connecting in gratitude to God and their/our Earth Mother—Gaia—the energy of our blessed planet. They taught us the importance of giving thanks for all that we are blessed with… from the new harvest and friends, to home, health, and family. Over time, with changes in belief systems and technological advances, many people have lost the powerful connection to the energy that gratitude gives us.

Many people go through their days without even noticing the energy that sustains our life. We are so caught up in the busyness of our gadget-riddled, work-filled days that we rarely take time to acknowledge the source of energy that feeds us… inspires us… flows through our bodies, minds, and spirits. Realize that all spiritual teachings share the same basic message: give thanks. Truly, when we ignore gifts that are given to us, the gifts stop coming. Think about it, when was the last time you gave a gift to someone who never acknowledged it? Do you really feel inspired to give to that person again? The act of giving creates positive, attractive energy. The act of sharing gratitude is even greater. What we appreciate multiplies—it’s simple physics! What we ignore depreciates and dies. When we take a moment in our day to give thanks, we shift the energy around us to one of appreciation and more is given to us abundantly.

What if we returned to this simple way of sharing thanks? Our Thanksgiving holiday gives us this opportunity. It reminds us of the powerful energy that is rooted in gratitude. On this day, what if we once again share a sense of gratefulness for bountiful harvests, for the energy that sustains us, for connectedness to family, friends, and all that surrounds us? What if we take a moment around our table of plenty to share even one word for something we are grateful for? What if we collectively take a moment on this special day to remember the gifts our loving planet gives us? The gift of food, shelter, beauty, life…

While we are at it, let’s send some thoughts of positive energy to all those who are struggling through this holiday season… to people who have lost loved ones, or have been devastated by disaster. Send some uplifting thoughts to help sustain them on their journey. If you know someone who has a heavy heart this season, encourage them to reach out to a friend, a counselor, or just go out into nature to connect with the positive energy. Help them find something good in their lives to be grateful for. They do have you… and your friendship is a precious gift to appreciate.

Join us for some uplifting spirit stories and messages that we’re sharing on our Fans of “The Spirits of Amoskeag” Facebook Page. These are stories of people and pets who have lived before and how they’ve influenced the lives of the living. Our unique, uplifting, and inspiring spirit stories are based on real accounts from clients around the world.

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Let’s all join together to send gratitude, positive thoughts, energy, Reiki, and prayers to our wonderful Mother Earth, our family, friends, and to those who could use a boost. Remember… we are all connected. I am ever grateful for you.

Blessings of Hope,

Lois Hermann


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Lenore said…

I had increased anxiety and wanted to find a different way to handle it. I had done some traditional therapy and that didn’t really get to the origin of my problems. The person I was talking to was more hardcore, saying things like “you really need to get over it, to exercise more…” and things like that.  I did not feel like I was being heard, or getting my needs met.

Working with Lois, my anxiety is a whole lot less. She is very easy to talk to, and for me, that is a big part of being able to process things. I found some things affecting me that I didn’t know were there. I’ve always felt very safe, relaxed, and listened to by Lois. I never felt like anything I said was frivolous. I was given sound guidance, and great tools that I can use at home or at work.

I would definitely recommend Lois to others. Even if somebody didn’t really know much about hypnosis, I would say to come in for that first visit. She will answer any questions you have

Lenore C. – RN Educator – Nashua, NH