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Americans came together with such great passion around the amazing solar eclipse that traversed our country last month. Did you notice how united we were in the energy of the eclipse? Wasn’t it remarkable how many unique ways we engaged our fascination with this magical solar event? Here in New Hampshire we had only a partial view, yet we still found it exciting. Many were outside with their cell phones, twin papers, eclipse glasses, pinhole cameras, and other devices. Those in the totality zone gathered together and even celebrated with parties. People spoke of how calming the moment of totality was… how strangely peaceful was the energy of complete silence. They were acutely aware of the rapid transition from day sounds and sensations to night sounds and sensations. Some very sensitive people felt other strange energies over the days surrounding the eclipse. As a community, though, there was a wonderful camaraderie of sharing in this incredible sight. Most of us will always remember where we were during the total eclipse of 2017!

What if we could find similar ways to come together for other important issues? What if we could share together in spreading similar positive energy instead of perpetuating the negative? We have the ability to make a difference just by holding hope for our country instead of feeding and breeding the hatred. Have you heard the Native American fable of the child asking his grandfather about the two wolves that are fighting in his head? The child was worried and wanted to know which wolf will win. The grandfather simply said, “The one that you feed.”

Which wolf are you feeding? How many times have you been in conversation with a friend in person, through Facebook or other social media, and amidst the interesting and magical happenings, the conversation turns sour? Some people persist in sharing harshly negative comments, thinking in some way they are helping “the cause.” Not only are they feeding the negative energy that tears down other people, our communities, and our country, but they are perpetuating hatred in themselves as well.

What if we subscribed to the simple message that an amazing teacher named Jesus shared with us many years ago: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Maybe… if we were to come from a place of kindness and compassion, we would be able to create a shift of peaceful thought that calms the hatred and promotes a sense of true community. After all, as humans, we truly are one species.

One of the things I most enjoy about what I do is to help clients discover their own positive thoughts amidst the negative programming they have received since childhood. By inspiring positive thoughts, the clients are able to change the way they feel about themselves. They can shift their energy to create more optimistic outcomes.

Let’s strive to be more mindful of the message we are sending out. Let’s send prayers, energy, and thoughts of positive support to our leaders to inspire them to do what is best for the people, the country, and humanity. In addition to our fascinating sun and moon, let’s focus on all that is beautiful on this wonderful world we call Earth. There is so much to cherish on this majestic planet. Take time to enjoy what Mother Nature shares in her lush trees, colorful flowers, and dynamic seas. Remember… what we feed, flourishes. Let’s feed the gratitude for all that is good on our planet and in our lives. Let’s watch all that is good, grow.

If you would like assistance in calming the negative thoughts in your mind and creating new positive thoughts with improved outcomes, please reach out. Schedule a consultation at www.LoisHermann.com/contact or give my office a call at 603-402-9134.

If are a hypnotist or therapist who would like to assist your clients to clear their negativity in profound ways, check out my website www.LoisHermann.com/events for upcoming live and remote classes. I look forward to helping you help your clients find their peace.

One more thing… If you are on a spiritual path and would like to learn more about A Course In Miracles, join Lisa Schermerhorn and myself in an on-line study group that meets most Monday evenings at 7:15 pm EDT. Let me know if you are interested at [email protected] and I will send you the link for the Zoom video meeting. We would be delighted to have you join us. 

Also… Let’s come together to share positive thoughts, prayers, intentions, and resources for those suffering in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. May help and  healing be on the way.

Blessings of Hope,

Lois Hermann


Cassie said…

My dad recommended hypnosis as a way to shift my thoughts. I was being very hard on myself. My mind was criticizing everything I did, which made it hard to focus and make decisions.

With the hypnosis sessions, I realized that even though I may be different that doesn’t mean it is not good to be yourself. Now, I am happy that I am me. I feel confident in and trust I will be happy in whatever situation I may be in.

In the sessions, I was able to change my kind of thinking by going into my past that I didn’t think affected me, and it did. Once I understood how my thinking was affecting me, I was able to use my thoughts in a positive way rather than a negative way.

The sessions were very calming, and it got easier and easier to relax with each session. I now understand why my thought processes have changed, and feel so much better about myself.

Cassie F. – College Student

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