Simple Steps to Lift You from SAD to GLAD.   

You may notice that your mood or energy changes during the shorter, colder days of winter, in addition to the stress and strife going on around us. You may be experiencing what is described as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Many people describe their symptoms as a lack of energy, feelings of lethargy, and overwhelming sadness during the winter months. SAD affects up to 9% of people in the cold winter climates when days are short. We all have times when we feel a little blue during the long, cold winter months. Even people who live in warmer southern climates experience sleep and mood changes because of less exposure to sunlight during the winter.

Consult your doctor if you feel medication, supplements, or light therapy would benefit you. However, you can also take charge of your own health through thoughts mixed with action to initiate some changes. Here is a short list of things you can master to shake it up and shift your mood.

Simple Steps to Lift You from SAD to GLAD: 

G – Gratitude:  An attitude of gratitude shifts your mental perception as well as your physical energy. As you look for every little thing to be grateful for, you release endorphins which cause you to feel lighter, positive, and peaceful.

L – Light:  Shorter hours of sunlight can make us feel like hibernating. Spend a few minutes outside with your face to the sun. Plan a sunny vacation. Easier yet… visualize yourself in that sunny place with the sunshine illuminating your body!

A – Action:  Inactivity breeds inactivity which fosters lethargy and sadness. Take action to move your body even just a bit. Do something that brings you joy or makes you laugh. Join a fun class. Call a positive-minded friend who loves you.

D – Diet:  Since we are inside more, we can take time to explore healthier cooking. Look for ways to reduce sugar and refined carbs, even limit gluten and dairy. Notice how much better you feel. You might even shed some excess weight!

Realize this sadness is seasonal. It is temporary. Think of things you can do during this hibernation phase that will benefit you when the activity of spring returns. The days are already growing longer with more hours of sunshine. Take this time to plan that vacation you want, and really imagine that you are already there.

If you need a personal boost, schedule a few private sessions to clear the foggy energy, and help you visualize your healing place. Be sure to register for the monthly interactive Spiritual Empowerment Webinars that start Thursday, February 16th. You will have many different choices to empower yourself through gratitude consciousness, insights from A Course In Miracles, and strategies for spiritual connections. This is a perfect time to enhance your own personal journey.

Many Blessings,