Great Genes & Healthy Habits = Perfect Endings.

Happy New Year 2017! The year of the Perfect 10 (2+1+7=10) or the Independent 1… The year of Perfect Endings and New Beginnings!

Have you set your sights for what you want to accomplish this year? Do you have a future vision for who or what you want to be by the end of 2017? What about the year 2027, or 2037 even? How will you feel when retire? Take a moment to assess what is working well in your life. Then notice what is out of balance, and strive to make changes to establish health and harmony for the long run.

I just spent a week with my aging parents—Dad is soon to be 90, and Mom reluctantly admits she is close behind him. They are sharp as can be, and fairly healthy considering both used to smoke, and are quite well preserved with their daily dose of Happy Hour bourbon. They claim it to be their personal method of relaxation. They live on a small farm amidst the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee, with horses, cats, dogs, deer, and many other wonderful critters. Observing them, I can truly appreciate the great genes I am blessed with. Yet, I also noticed that the health areas they struggle with are already starting to show up in my middle-aged body. Only twenty-something years behind them, I need to act NOW to slow down or alter the aging process so that my retirement years are as happy and healthy as theirs.

Although I feel blessed with good genes, I decided to formulate a plan to create a future vision for my own health… to enhance those perfect endings. Take a look at your own parents’ health issues. Notice the various patterns played out in their health struggles, taking note of your genetic predisposition to certain ailments and age-related afflictions. Realize these may be what you will face down the road. With some simple modifications and steadfast determination, you can make changes now to mitigate your years ahead.

Five Steps to create your future vison for perfect endings: 

  1. Slow down. Why do we work such long hours? We end up with little time to move our bodies, and too exhausted to prepare good meals. People in Sweden have shifted to six-hour days. Why don’t we?
  2. Eat healthier. When we take the time to prepare healthier meals, we feel better, and create healthier, stronger bodies for both the short and the long term.
  3. Move more. When we make the time to move our bodies in some way, we create more balance to protect from falling, improve muscle strength to keep our spine in alignment, and enhance stamina to boost our endurance.
  4. Save money. We will have more opportunity in our retirement years to enjoy our lives: to travel, to explore, to do the things we couldn’t do while we were working so hard.
  5. Share joy. From playing with animals, to watching funny shows, to sharing inspiring Facebook posts… when we experience joy, we release life enhancing endorphins that cause us to live healthier and longer.

Practice the attitude of gratitude. Drift to sleep thinking of the best thing that happened each day. Wake every morning with a grateful heart in anticipation of the good things that are to come. Express thanks often throughout the day.

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Many Blessings of Health, Wealth, and Happiness for the New Year 2017!