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Take Yourself to The Top!

Success skills we wish we knew in our teens!

Do you have skills that you wish you had known early in life that would have helped with your success? If I knew then what I know now, my life would have been so different, so much easier, without so much trauma and drama! Yet, what an adventure it has been… changing jobs…homes… relationships… and more. As my father used to say, “We learn best through the school of hard-knocks!” Yes, I have learned much, and have managed to create the life of my dreams. Still, I wish it had been a gentler journey.

These days, I find myself passionate about helping others discover their way to success without having to endure the extremes of life. We all have our paths to tread; however, what if we had a few key tools to better navigate our way? Here are some favorite life skills to make the journey a little easier, more enjoyable, and help create the life of your dreams.

Seven Steps to Success:

  1. Set Goals – Define what you want, and create the action steps to achieving it.
  2. Control Stress – Use simple ways to manage stress. If you simply “Look UP,”  your physiology changes and endorphins are released that make you feel relaxed.
  3. Develop Confidence – When you feel good about yourself, it shows. Others will feel good about you, too.
  4. Communicate Well – As you learn the art of listening and reading people, you communicate more effectively with others.
  5. Get Organized – Manage your time and space to keep yourself clear and focused. You will be more efficient and life will be so much easier.
  6. Learn to Network – Even if you are shy, meet just one person at a social event. You never know who they know or how they can help you on your journey.
  7. Strive to Thrive – You are now living your past thoughts. When you shift to thoughts that you desire…Miracles happen…You create the life of our dreams!

Use these steps to create the life of your dreams. If you want more specifics on each topic, sign up for the webinar series that starts October 18th. I am excited to share this interactive series to help people around the world achieve their personal and professional goals right from the comfort of home! Log in on Tuesday evenings with your team or family to have some fun, learn great skills and create the life of your dreams!

I hope to see you at the Webinar!

Many Blessings,

Lois Hermann