Secrets for Successful Change!

 Do you feel able to create successful change in your world? Or do you feel at the mercy of life around you? Many times we are caught off guard by twists and turns in life. We often seem to be at the mercy of external events and feel that we have no control. Yet, if we are determined, we can succeed at our goal. If we take the steps we need with purpose and determination, we can see these twists as simple detours along the way. Perhaps life’s detours give us new insight, a deeper sense of understanding, and the motivation to move forward.

We all have things we want to achieve. Maybe it is to lose weight, change a habit, or learn something new. Sometimes we want to develop a skill, grow a business, or simply get unstuck. It does not matter what we want to change—the steps for successful change are basically the same.

For several years I put off learning to teach hypnosis. I told myself that I was too busy to take so many days away from my business and that it was too expensive. My intense desire to help others learn this amazing skill finally overrode my personal resistance. I put the following steps into action, and as a result I am delighted to be a Certified Hypnosis Instructor! In addition, at my training I connected with some amazing professionals from around the world. And, to my surprise, I was honored to receive the Order of Braid Award from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Here are five steps for successful change:

  1. Have a purpose – Know what you want, and why you want it, with clarity and passion.
  2. Develop a plan – Create tangible action steps that are grounded in specifics.
  3. Make time – Schedule time in your day to take action on the steps you planned.
  4. Create a Mantra – Tell yourself often and with emphasis what you need to think and feel to make it happen.
  5. Use Persistence – No matter what, keep your energy focused on your goal. Even if you get side-tracked by life’s circumstances, be determined to stick to your goals.

When you make time for your goals, with focus and persistence, you can accomplish anything.  I am excited to be stepping out of my comfort zone to accomplish yet another goal that has been on the back-burner for some time. I am passionate about hosting the best interactive webinar series on personal success. It will help clients around the world achieve their personal and professional goals! I am using the above steps to create successful change, and look forward to sharing the results with you in October!

I challenge you to do the same! Let me know what you are doing to achieve your goals!

Many Blessings,

Lois Hermann