Be the gardener of your mind!

Do you enjoy beautiful gardens, parks, and scenic landscapes? I love to escape in my gardens, whether digging in the dirt, or sitting in quiet meditation. On my “stay-cation” last month, I pruned dozens of rhodies, shrubs and bushes. It was a lot of work, yet a powerful escape into nature, clearing away old dead wood, resizing, and shaping for future growth. As I continue the process of grooming my perennial beds, I am reminded of the many clients who are “stuck” in old thoughts and patterns. With coaching, they discover how to groom their mind into ways of thinking to inspire new growth. As you transplant your mind to a different mental space, you gain a new awareness of life around you.

An avid gardener, I often use the analogy that the reason affirmations themselves don’t work is because our negative thoughts are like weeds that choke out healthy flowering and positive fruitful thoughts. Those old negative thoughts destroy the positive thoughts we are trying to plant. We can’t just cut the weeds off; we have to remove them by the roots and till the soil. Then we can plant healthy new thoughts, and we need to nurture them consistently for the positive thoughts to take full effect. Just as it takes work to cultivate a beautiful garden, it takes work to cultivate the life of your dreams!

As the gardener of your mind, when you tend your thoughts, you create new neural pathways that empower you to cultivate your life for who and what you desire to be. It really works! You just have to make time to take charge of your thoughts.

Five tips to cultivate your life:

  1. Remove the weeds – Get rid of the thoughts that strangle your mind. Eliminate the negative things you say to yourself based on past experience, or someone else’s opinion.
  2. Transplant for new life – Many well-intentioned thoughts are waning or burned out. Shift them, change them up, till the soil to invigorate and recharge.
  3. Ask for help with the heavy stuff – If you feel challenged by clearing those deep-rooted thoughts on your own, contact a professional for assistance.
  4. Plant healthy – Create and maintain in your mind only the best thoughts of yourself clearly doing what you want to do, and being who you want to be.
  5. Nurture – Once the soil is tilled, and the thoughts are well planted, you must think consistent sunny thoughts, sprinkled with nourishment and fertilized with self-love.

When you take the time to cultivate your life with care, your mental garden will grow fragrant and fruitful. As you establish healthy patterns for your life, you set an example for those around you. Enjoy the process of working in your garden and harvest your new life.

Many Blessings,

Lois Hermann