3 Steps to Clear The Clutter & Shed Those Piles:

Here in New England, we celebrate the tiniest buds of springtime. The bears come out of hibernation, the birds prepare their nests, and so do we. Spring is a great time to renew, refresh, rebuild, and re-organize. Since most of us are tired of being trapped indoors, let’s fling open the windows, breathe crisp fresh air, organize, and clear away the winter clutter. We’ll get to play outside in the gardens and grasses soon. For now, let’s take a moment to play with our papers. We’ll be glad we did.

There are many ways to un-clutter our home or office. We simply start somewhere. Anywhere. Chaotic piles of paper can take on a life of their own. Until tax time, those un-filed, unsorted papers tend to grow higher and higher like a giant unruly monster that wants to take over our home! Why do we even keep this stuff? Let’s awaken our shrinking power, and have some fun shrinking those piles down to size.

3 Steps to Clear the Clutter & Shed those Piles:

1) Pick a time you can spend a few hours, and clear the dining or kitchen table.

2) Place your papers in a big pile on the table, and sort into smaller piles like:

  • Throw away (duplicates, junk)
  • Take action (unfinished business)
  • Tax papers (receipts, card & bank statements)
  • File away (contracts, personal records)
  • Keepsake (sentimental items)

3) Each day, choose one of the small piles and spend a few minutes organizing.

Make it fun and relaxing. Grab a pile to sort while watching TV. Then relax. In a few days, the piles will vanish, the papers will be ready for taxes, and we’ll feel a sense of accomplishment…and relief.

Make it fun and rewarding. Like a game of discovery, think of it as play instead of a chore. Remember that overdoing causes setbacks. Do a little at a time, and then relax.

Then…when the ground dries out a bit, we’ll get to truly enjoy being outside, drinking in the delicious days of spring.

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Many Blessings,

Lois Hermann