Are You Feeling Lucky?

Is success really about luck, or are successful people doing something to attract luck into their life so they feel lucky? St. Patty’s day is coming, with wishes for the Luck o’ the Irish, shamrocks and Pots of Gold at the end of the rainbow. Should we wish for things to happen, or is there something we can do to create what’s called “luck.”

If you are feeling stuck in the muck, you could wish and wait for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or start taking action to breakthrough into a new, success-minded life.

5 Great Tips to Feel Lucky & Be Abundant

  1. Thoughts create… Think success.

With spring almost here, let’s think about planting seeds for new growth, new opportunities, and new luck. So, how do we grow our new world? Successful people focus on success. They expect it, like we expect the sun to rise in the morning.

Since thoughts create things, whatever our mind focuses on becomes our reality. If we worry a lot, then like gravity, we draw more things to worry about. If we allow negative thoughts to cloud our expectations, instead of trusting that the sun is shining above the clouds, we focus on the grey clouds and keep the rain (or snow) coming.

Use your mind as a tool to identify and weed out negative thoughts that keep us stuck. Then, plant seeds of positive thought and nurture them to take root and grow fruit.

Brush past the dark clouds and feel the sun shining on those newly planted seeds.

  1. Change how you think about money.

Instead of a poverty mindset, create an abundance mindset. This fun game will help you shift your prosperity consciousness:

Go to the bank and invest in a crisp $100 bill. Keep it tucked safely in your wallet, knowing that you can use it any time you want to… or not. Knowing you have money is enough to start the shift toward feeling abundant. You also feel in control of how and when to spend it.

Instead of telling ourselves we don’t have any money—which the universe will honor by giving us more of the sameif we tell ourselves that we have plenty of money to use when we choose, then we develop a positive attitude about having money.

As we change our thoughts about money, we become less stressed, and more money seems to automatically come our way.  

  1. Update your self-worth belief.

Change your self-image by changing your self-talk. Many of us have self-sabotaging thoughts about what we deserve that are based on our past. We begrudge ourselves good things because deep down we think we don’t deserve them or would make mistakes with wealth.

Start with the end in mind. Visualize yourself as what you would like to be. Imagine what it would be like, how you might look, dress, walk, talk, and FEEL if you were successful. Then start taking steps to make it happen. Prepare yourself, and watch for signs to guide you. Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

When we allow ourselves to feel worthy, deserving, and better about ourselves, we draw more positive opportunities into our lives that lead to increased abundance. 

  1. Look for abundance instead of lack.

If you think that you have never have any money, then you are focused on lack. Instead of worry… wonder what it would be like to have abundance. Imagine what you would spend money on, where you would go, what you would wear, how you would save. Get into the feeling of living abundantly.

Notice all the ways money comes into your life unexpectedly:  coupons, discounts, gifts from friends, free lessons, happy coincidences, and more. Notice how abundant you really are. As you focus on all the ways money comes into your life, you start the process of appreciation… you shift from negative flow to positive flow consciousness.

As you welcome abundance, share it. Money is shared energy. Hire someone with a skill to help you with something. In addition to increasing their abundance, you allow yourself to concentrate on the things that you do best and you make more money.

  1. Develop an “Attitude of Gratitude.”

Gratitude is an emotional energy that draws more things to be grateful for into your life. When we are grateful, even for little things, more things, and even bigger things show up.

Think about those you have given gifts to who are grateful. You feel appreciated and want to give them more. When someone is ungrateful, we tend to resist giving to them again. It is the same with universal energy. The more grateful you are… the more you are given to be grateful for!

Gratitude and appreciation go hand in hand. Appreciation is defined as “an increase in the value of something.” Specifically, “an increase in the value of an asset over time.” The more appreciative you are, the more you increase what you have.

Appreciate those things you already have, no matter how small. Be grateful in advance for the things you intend to have, and watch as your life blossoms and grows into abundance.

Start planting those new money tree seeds today!

Many Blessings,