Happy New Year!51

The Year of Health and Well-Being.

Have you set your New Year’s Resolutions with all good intentions… only to let them die on the vine in a month or two? Is 2015 the year that you are actually going to achieve at least one goal? If you would like some traction on those New Year’s resolutions, here are some successful goal setting tips.

Think about this… Did you achieve your goals for 2014? Most people rarely achieve their goals because they lack any real commitment, vision, or have a plan of action. 

To start, always review your past goals before establishing new ones. Take a moment to reflect back on last year – 2014. Remember what you would have liked to achieve, what you did accomplish and what you would like to do better.

In last month’s blog, Clear Your Mind for Goal Setting, I spoke of eliminating the negative from your life. If you have yet to do this, you may want to make that your first priority.

Next, imagine that it is December 2015 and you are reflecting back over this year. Take note of all that you accomplished in 2015. Now you are ready to set some goals…

3 Steps to Successful Goal Setting:

  1. Set them! Put your goals in writing, even if there is only one professional and one personal goal. When you write down your goals, they become more real, more tangible, and you become more accountable. Keep them where you can review them frequently, like a bookmark in that good book you are reading.
  2. Visualize them. Imagine yourself achieving the goal and notice how you look, feel and act. When you can imagine yourself reaching your goal, your amazing mind accepts it as a possibility and works with you to make it happen.
  3. Create action steps. Action steps cause goals to manifest. Without them, the goal is only an idea. Make these steps simple and doable over the short term. For instance, to shed some weight, an action step may be to stop eating anything after 8:00 pm. To get organized, an action step may be to sort one file each day.

Enjoy achieving your goals this New Year 2015. If you have any questions or would like some assistance with successful goal setting, please give me a call. I look forward to helping YOU achieve your goals in 2015.